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2009, baby..

The way of the NighthawkPosted by Pato Mon, January 19, 2009 13:08:34
Seems like yesterday it was New Years and now January is almost gone. Time moves faster than you think, especially when things are going good and yes, things are definitely looking up.

Lasse and me aka. White Pony got the video for our first single released and it's on heavy rotation on MTV and what have you. Good stuff, check it out.

We're nominated as Experiment Of The Year on the biggest danish radio station, P3's annual award show P3 Guld, where Trolle//Siebenhaar is also nominated as Breakthrough Of The Year. I've never been nominated for anything so it's always great to try something for the first time.

Made a new project with my homies Sluzh and Friske from the imfamous Specktors crew. It's the definition of real aggro electro punk and it will be known as the almighty THUNDERCHRIST posse...

I'm slowly getting my own shit together.. It's always hard when you're not working on a deadline but on your own slightly crooked timeline. It's going to be really raw stuff.. Heavy and tight, messy and ugly.. I don't think alot of people will get it but those who do will have fun.

Here's some snaps from the last 2-3 months from when and where ever I've felt like pulling my phone out. Enjoy!

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