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Good times are being had.. & Snaps from year zero // part 3

The way of the NighthawkPosted by Pato Mon, November 24, 2008 15:03:52
It's snowing outside my window. Seriously. It's. Fucking. Snowing. I got soup heating up on the stove, I've done all my washing and today is a day for being in doors and looking out at the world from curtained windows while lighting candles.

We're about half way done with the Trolle//Siebenhaar tour and it's been a real blast. The crew is professional, everybody is playing at the top of their game and we're having so much fun. It's not the rowdy, crazy tour life of my younger days, it's more like a controlled young adult outing with pleasant conversations about semi adult topics. We have two girls in the band and they bring the debauchery down a notch, which I'm surprised to find, I actually enjoy..

Mmmmm.. Asparagus soup. With added peas. Perfect for a cold day.

I'm getting in to the "808 Punk Rock" thing heavily now. The tracks are coming together nicely. Kanye West has release a record thats called "808 & Heartbreaks" or something, which kinda sucks but at the same time that means that both records will be right next to each other on ITunes or whatever, and MY shit will blows his crap the fuck out of the water. Hehehe... It's gon' be some crazy pissness. Try visualing The Stooges' "Raw Power" in a current soundscape with crazy hyped up distorted 808 drums. Fucking AGGRO shit, dude..

Okay, I'm off. Check out the latest instalment of my crappy phone pics.

Love love from Copenhagen!

- P.

Blog ImageFuck undskyld! ...means fuck apologies.
Blog ImageOutside my home away from home.
Blog ImageTop billin'..
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